Quickest and safest closure available

The Pig Caddy makes loading and unloading pigs safe and easy.

The danger of conventional pigging is widely acknowledged. So much so that in Canada the National Energy Board (NEB) issued a safety advisory in 2007 that warned operators to "stay out of the pig's line of fire" when opening conventional launchers and receivers. The NEB put current conventional single-pig trap design at the top of the list of factors contributing to pigging safety incidents, and most of the other factors they listed are the result of inadequate pig trap design or infrequent pigging.

We have designed the Pig Caddy to be considerably safer than conventional equipment. Standard on all Pig Caddy launchers and receivers is the quickest opening and safest closure on the market. The closure has redundant safety features that prevent operators from accidentally opening a launcher or receiver that is under pressure.

Moreover, operators are only required to travel to and from the launcher and receiver once every seven pig runs. Plus, we have designed our launchers and receivers to be self-draining, which eliminates freezing and other risk factors noted in the NEB safety advisory.